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Dr. Terri L Horton, MBA, MA, PHR,

Dr. Terri Horton consults, speaks, coaches, trains and provides strategies and solutions for organizations, executives, and entrepreneurs to future-proof their brands in the artificial intelligence economy. Her unique expertise sits at the intersection of talent development, skills, learning, branding and the future of work. She empowers clients with the knowledge and strategies of what, how, where and when to learn the skills and acquire the experiences necessary to be resilient, relevant, bold and thrive in the AI economy.

“Terri is a strategic thinker who brings insight and excellence to every project. She produces results that exceed expectations. I highly recommend working with her!”
— Elemental Good, LLC

Dr. Horton’s superpower is her ability to help organizations and people re-imagine the future of work, skills, learning, and careers by connecting the dots for them to adapt, compete, scale and thrive in the complex skill-based economies of today and the future. Dr. Horton is a dynamic and compelling speaker that engages and connects with her audiences to deliver profound insights and actionable strategies to future-proof their brands by acquiring the knowledge, skills, experiences, ideas, vision, and mindset needed to competitively navigate the future of work, jobs and careers.

“Terri was excellent to work with as we were planning our event - she was amenable to IAAP’s speaker certification process and willing to adjust her presentation to fit our audience.

Our attendees raved about her presentation and I would highly recommend her.”
“Teri has donated her time as a speaker, workshop instructor, and business consultant to IEWBC clients. She is professional, smart, and innovative. She listens, and works to identify solutions to meet the needs of clients. Terri is a wonderful speaker. Her knowledge and professionalism shine in her presentations!!

People walk away from hearing her speak feeling invigorated and have new information to implement that will contribute to their business success!”

“Increasingly, organizations are investing in AI systems as a business strategy to reduce costs, improve performance, customer experience, and competitive market advantage. It is projected that by 2025 artificial intelligence systems will eliminate 45% of the tasks associated with most jobs and result in the re-imagination of roles from accounting, to human resources, to sales and marketing to operations, law, and education, to name a few.

Are you ready?”
— Dr. Terri L Horton


The Future is Now...Did You Miss It?

Learn the dynamics of how human capital, workforce design, job, skill, learning and development and artificial intelligence will reshape how when, where and with whom we work by 2020.

Leveraging AI to Improve Strategy and Accelerate Growth

Learn how leading organizations use artificial intelligence to improve performance, operations, creativity and competitive market advantage.


New Models for Future-Proofing Your Brand

Learn how to develop and implement strategies to future-proof your personal brand. Learn what, when, where and how to identify and acquire the in-demand skills, knowledge and experiences that you need to level-up in the AI economy.

Re-imagining Jobs, Roles and Careers in the AI Economy

Artificial intelligence will eliminate 45% of tasks associated with most jobs by 2020. How will your industry be affected? How will your role be re-imagined? What new skills will you need? What, when, where and how will you acquire the skills? What new opportunities can you explore? Learn how to take control of your career and thrive!


How Artificial Intelligence is Driving Recruitment and Selection
If your recruitment strategy does not include some form of AI you are losing competitive advantage. Learn how AI systems rank candidates, screen resumes, assess hard, soft and critical thinking skills, qualifications, potential and fit. 




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Dr. Terri L Horton, MBA, MA, PHR, SHRM-CP, HCS




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