Why Harnessing the Power of Your Personal Brand Is More Important Than Ever Before


I started working with executives, business professionals and entrepreneurs to develop and leverage personal brands more than a decade ago. Ten years ago, the concept and value of personal branding strategies in the professional context was not rationalized or executed on the scale that it is today. Today, the majority of professionals and entrepreneurs from entry to senior-level roles understand the importance and connections between strong personal brands, career, and entrepreneurial success. 

So simply creating a personal brand will no longer suffice because most professionals and entrepreneurs are at least superficially engaged in the process of leveraging their brands. In 2017, developing, managing, updating and sustaining a relevant professional brand that delivers value and enables you to successfully navigate competitive employment and business environments is not an option if you want to thrive in the knowledge and artificial intelligence economy of today and the future. Artificial intelligence, automation, increased skill demands, role consolidation, on-demand employment and social recruiting… just to name a few, are some of the factors and moving pieces that contribute to the reason why you must harness and leverage the power of your professional brand.    

The process of developing, managing and leveraging a powerful and compelling professional brand is continuous, exhausting and nearly requires the skill, stamina, and determination of a professional athlete…But, the payoff is well worth the effort because it will keep you relevant, well-positioned and in the game.  Your brand is your power and your future so build it, live it and leverage it! 

All the best,
The Ultimate Brand Coach