It’s Back to School Time Again…. Are You Ready to Skill-Up?



It’s that time of year again…That’s right, back to school. However, back to school season is not just for elementary, middle, high school and college students. Fall is great time for you to assess your brand for value, impact and competitive advantage. More importantly, this is the perfect time for you to research your industry, functional area, role and current job descriptions for the job you hold today AND the one you want in the future. In the process of this brand assessment and comparative analysis of the skills, qualifications and experiences that employers demand, you will more than likely discover gaps in skills, credentials, education, qualifications and exposure.

While this is a sobering exercise, it will arm you with the knowledge that you need to maintain the relevancy of your brand. The next step is to decide which skills, qualifications and credentials are the most pressing for you to acquire and devise your plan for skilling up. Remember, skilling-up allows you to level-up!

The Ultimate Brand Coach