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August 1, 2017

As a branding expert, I synthesize my scale of experience in branding, marketing, human resources and education to provide clients with strategies to build, develop, promote, scale and experience the full potential of their brands. I am delighted to launch a new weekly blog for the Ultimate Brand Strategist tribe and community of executives, business professionals and entrepreneurs that will provide insights for building value, influence and scale for your professional brand. 

We will tackle some of the latest trends, strategies and perspectives on developing, managing, leveraging and future-proofing brands in the context of workforce demands, brand extensions and reframing your approach to strategy, branding, work and careers against the backdrop of the shifting employment landscape, artificial intelligence and automation, skilling up and much more!  

Thank you for joining the Ultimate Brand Strategist Tribe. I look forward to sharing compelling weekly insights, perspectives and motivation on how to experience and leverage the full potential of your professional brand. Be sure to download my FREE infographic “5 Tips to Future-Proof Your Brand in the AI Economy”. Also, be sure to follow the Ultimate Brand Strategist on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

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