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Terri L Horton, MBA, MA, PHR, SHRM-CP, HCS, SWP

Our research-based approach provides institutions of higher learning with strategies to develop competitive skill-based, multidisciplinary business curriculum and programs that bridge workforce skills gaps, align with the skills required by employers and that critically prepare students for the global workforce of today and the future. Horton has an extensive background in public, private and proprietary institutions of higher learning in graduate, undergraduate, certificate, international and executive business programs.  Her corporate and consulting background informs her experiential, skill-based pedagogy as a higher education professor, lecturer, course developer and fuels her commitment to preparing students for the realities of the world of work. 

Her current doctoral research at the University of Southern California centers on the role of higher education in bridging workforce skills gaps through the development of curriculum, programs, and experiences that provide students with the knowledge, multidisciplinary skills and core competencies required by employers. Horton's research also includes an evaluation of the impact of artificial intelligence on the future workforce cognitive and soft skill demands required by Millennials and Generation Z to future-proof their careers.

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Did you know?

Less than 30% of employers believe that recent college graduates possess the applied knowledge and skills required for real-world settings.
— 2015 study conducted by the Association of American Colleges and Universities
Universities that incorporate high-impact practices that connect academic coursework with real-world problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration prepare graduates with the skills that employers demand.
— Carnegie Foundation Survey, 2016
We provide keynote speaking, 2, 4, and 8-hour workshops centered on strategies to infuse curriculum and programs with the skills and core competencies required by employers. Let us help you close skill gaps and prepare your students for the world of work.