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Future-Focused Coaching

Resilient • Relevant • Bold • Thrive


“Professionals without a distinct, authentic, and relevant brand coupled with social capital will be left behind in the AI economy.”
— Terri Horton

Future ready leaders equipped with the skills, knowledge, and capabilities to lead organizations through the monumental digital and structural transformation that will occur within organizations between 2020- 2025 are in high demand. The transformation driven by digital innovation will affect every industry, role and most tasks associated with the jobs of today and the future.

Future ready leaders are resilient, relevant, bold and leverage their distinctive value and expertise to adapt, grow and scale in the artificial intelligence economy. In order to thrive as a leader in the AI economy, it is essential to have a plan, the right mindset, understand AI business strategy, embrace skilling-up to level-up, develop a leadership brand and reframe your approach to work and careers.

Are you ready to future-proof your leadership brand and thrive in 2020 and beyond?

“We intelligently connect the dots that enable you to create a strong brand, develop a compelling digital voice, presence and reputation enabling you to tell your story, build value and influence to scale, future-proof and uncover the multidimensional power, possibilities and pathways of your professional brand.”
— Dr. Terri Horton

Dr. Terri L Horton, MBA, MA, PHR, SHRM-CP, HCS

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Future-Proofed Leadership Coaching


3 months — Six Sessions —(2) One-hour coaching calls per month

  • Assessment & Coaching Plan

  • Resilience: Mindset, Adaptability Strategies

  • Relevancy: Future of Work, Organizations & People; Analytics, AI Business Strategy

  • Rapid-Reskilling Personalized Plan: Why, What, When, Where, How

  • Bold Brand: Authentic Leadership Brand Action Plan

  • Thrive: 2020-2025 Future-Proofed Career Model Framework




As industries and organizations shift as a result of digital and structural transformation, jobs and careers will be impacted by automation and artificial intelligence. Jobs, roles, and tasks will be reimagined with new skill and experience requirements and new career trajectories will emerge. This shift will drive fundamental changes and transform approaches to career development, management, and sustainability.

To thrive and harness the power of your brand and career you will need a solid plan, a growth mindset, understand how your job and career will be reimagined, know what, when, where and how to acquire the skills and experiences you need to remain relevant, how to engage with AI recruitment and selection systems and to creatively develop pathways to extend your brand.

Future-proof your brand: be resilient, relevant, bold and enjoy a thriving career in the AI economy!


3 months — Six Sessions — (2) One-hour coaching calls per month

  • Assessment & Coaching Plan

  • Resilience: Mindset, Adaptability Strategies

  • Relevancy: Future of Work - Reimagining work, career, roles, tasks, AI

  • Rapid-Reskilling Personalized Plan: 2020-2025 - In-demand skills

    • What, When, Where and How to learn

  • Bold Brand: Personal Brand Action Plan - PLUS

    • Tools and strategies to master engagement with AI recruitment,
      ranking, selection & video interview systems & platforms

  • Thrive: 2020-2025 Future-Proofed Career Model to Extend Your Brand!

  • BONUS: One 1-hour follow-up strategy session



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