AI Business Strategy


AI Business Strategy


Dr. Terri L Horton, MBA, MA, PHR, SHRM-CP, HCS

According to industry experts, 50% of CEO’s plan to implement AI systems and platforms by 2019 as a strategy to solve complex business problems, drive innovation and competitive market advantage. However, most organizations today, have yet to rationalize artificial intelligence as a strategic imperative for creating an intelligent enterprise through improved efficiency, talent optimization, customer value, and growth.

Artificial intelligence will disrupt all industries and require organizations of every size to develop future-proofing strategies. Organizations that thrive in the artificial intelligence economy will optimize technologies that not only solve problems, but that also reduce costs, automate processes, increase productivity, performance, customer experience and provide insights and solutions for challenges and opportunities of the future. Interested in learning how artificial intelligence reduce costs and improve the performance and operational efficiency of your organization? Our systematic approach to helping organizations rationalize the implementation of AI systems includes:



STEP 1: How artificial intelligence is disrupting your industry  
STEP 2: How organizations in your industry are optimizing AI systems  
STEP 3: How AI will transform your industry & business 2020-2030
STEP 4: Risk assessment: operations, staff, customers, growth & scale  
STEP 5: Recommendations: (3) AI strategies  
STEP 6: Reimagining work, skills & roles with AI systems
STEP 7: Planning Toolkit



Did you know?

85% of executives believe AI will enable their organizations to sustain competitive advantage.
— MIT Sloan, 2017
Only 1 in 5 companies have incorporated some form of AI.
— MIT Sloan, 2017
Artificial intelligence will require employees to learn new skills in the next 5 years.
— Boston Consulting Group, 2017
45% of tasks associated with most jobs will be eliminated by artificial intelligence.
— McKinsey Global, 2016