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“Let us show you the power of your personal brand.”


Personal Branding

Your personal brand exemplifies who you are, your relevance and the distinctive value that you deliver to your target audience. A strong personal brand gives you the competitive advantage that you need to successfully navigate today’s competitive employment landscape.

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Career Reinvention

The possibility of reinventing your career is empowering. The ability to reinvent positions you to pivot, shift and adapt to the fluid dynamics of today’s workplace and that of the future.

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Leadership Development

Strong sustainable leadership brands exude capabilities and expertise relevant to the demands of today’s global competitive business environment. Identifying, communicating and executing your distinctive leadership brand is critical to successful career progression.

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Educational Consulting

It is imperative that we prepare students for the workplace of the future. This entails educating students and parents on the academic preparation and skills required to actively participate in the knowledge economy.

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  • Personal Branding
  • Career Reinvention
  • Leadership Development
  • Educational Consulting
Terri Horton, MBA, MA
Terri Horton


Terri Horton, Principal at TLT Consulting Services is a brand strategist, speaker, coach and educator.

Horton is a distinctively relevant, empowering, and compelling thought leader that specializes in personal branding, career reinvention, branding, marketing and social media strategies, leadership development and educational consulting.

“ Let us show you the power of your personal brand! ”


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